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This is first in an occasional series arguing that there are unexpected biblical roots for many Jewish holidays and practices. By exploring these foundations, we gain fresh insight into many well-trodden aspects of the Jewish tradition. The origins and significance of Tu be-Av are shrouded in mystery. On what basis does the Mishnah declare this obscure holiday, alongside Yom Kippur , one of the two happiest days on the Jewish calendar?

I, along with the man I’m dating, are becoming more observant since being According to practical Torah law I would first note that the point of Pilegesh to which.

Uncategorized 24 comments. Yiftach attempted to negotiate a peaceful resolution, by sending a delegation to reason with the king of Ammon; but the latter remained inflexible. Yiftach then successfully led his countrymen in battle. They were victorious and eliminated the Ammonite threat, and Yiftach became the leader of Israel. The haftorah is connected to Parashat Chukat, by teaching us the importance of absolute support for our acknowledged Torah leadership.

His maternal lineage was questionable, and he was not the greatest scholar. Likewise, the statute of the Parah Aduma Red Heifer described in Parashat Chukat , teaches us the importance of accepting the laws of the Torah, even when we are unable to understand their reason. Thus, both the parashah and the haftorah teach us not to rely on our own sense of logic, but rather to have faith in the halachic authority as brought down by the Rabbis in each generation.

This is the foundation of our legal system and the eternal transmission of Torah. It was necessary for Scripture to emphasize that Gilead was the father of Yiftach, since it is usually difficult to identify the father of the children of harlots.

After 10 Years as an Agunah and 2 Gets Later, I Know Better.

The Torch explores gender and religion in the Jewish community. Named for Deborah the Prophetess, “the woman of torches,” the blog highlights the passion and fiery leadership of Jewish feminists, while evoking the powerful image of feminists “passing the torch” to a new generation. Disclaimer: All posts are contributed by third party authors.

Telling Terror in Judges 19 explores the value of performing a ‘reparative reading​’ of the terror-filled story of the Levite’s pilegesh (commonly referred to as the.

Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. For the answer to this, let us turn to tractate Kesubos in the Talmud Yerushalmi There, the gemara asks your exact question. Rabbi Yuda says that even a pilegesh has a kesubah but a wife enjoys additional protections that a pilegesh does not enjoy. The fact that a pilegesh is a kind of wife is underscored elsewhere in the Yerushalmi, where it says that a man may not marry the close relatives of his pilegesh, the same as with a regular wife — see Yevamos In the text as we have it, Rav Yehuda cites an opinion that a wife has a kesubah and kiddushin referring to a part of the marriage ceremony while a concubine does not have a kesubah and kiddushin Sanhedrin 21a.

The difficulty is that it is apparent that many prominent Rishonim had a version of the text saying that a pilegesh does have kiddushin, just no kesubah, the same as Rabbi Meir says in the Yerushalmi. No matter how you slice it, a pilegesh is a kind of quasi-wife. A pilegesh is a kind of wife, not a mistress.

The Rambam briefly discusses the pilegesh in Hilchos Melachim Because he is of the opinion that only kings were allowed to have concubines. The Rambam may represent a minority opinion in this matter but there are other authorities who concur with his approach, including the Rashba, the Meiri and Rabbeinu Yonah see Shaarei Teshuvah

Beit Midrash

As many of you know, at our next minyan meeting on Sunday, December 2 nd , we will be voting on whether to include Bilhah and Zilpah in the communal recitation of the Amidah. These were shared at services a few weeks ago, but we appreciate that not everyone was able to attend. I would like to encourage the community to discuss this on the listserv and on this bloc so as to share your perspectives. I would like to rectify that now.

He then suggested she become a “pilegesh,” an ancient Hebrew at his office that year, that she should date a married rabbi at the institute.

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Non-marital Sex in Reform Judaism: Reconciling Theory with Reality

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This paper examines the gap between the present day theory and reality facing Reform Jews who remain unmarried and sexually active. While the Reform movement has sought to address issues facing women and sexual minorities, there is a paucity of literature on matters concerning the increasing number of heterosexuals who, for one reason or another, choose to remain unmarried while being sexually active.

Of the ten guidelines, numbers seven and eight propose a covenantal relationship and describe the conditions under which sexual joy may be experienced within Judaism. Both of these guidelines, if taken literally, would exclude a great many Reform Jews who do not find themselves in committed, long-term, exclusive relationships. What then are the acceptable outlets for sexual energies among this group? Do we accept that persons who do not adhere to these guidelines and those of other Reform groups be regarded as immoral?

This is a debate that is long overdue in the modernisation of Jewish practice. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Reform Jewish Sexual Values. Adler, R. Engendering Judaism: An inclusive theology and ethics, Beacon Press.

Tu be-Av and the Concubine of Givah

ON A pavement in a respectable district of Brooklyn, New York City, a man and a woman bump into each other accidentally. They neither apologise nor acknowledge one another. Instead, they cast their eyes downwards and scurry on. It is a typical scene. This is Williamsburg, only a few miles from the vulgarity and permissiveness of Manhattan – but light years away in atmosphere. In this tightly knit community of Hassidic Jews, all traces of sexuality are hidden beneath layers of shapeless clothing.

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The episode of the Levite’s concubine is a biblical narrative in Judges 19— It concerns a Levite from Ephraim and his concubine , who travel through the Benjaminite city of Gibeah and are assailed by a mob, who wish to sodomize the Levite. He turns his concubine over to the crowd, and they rape her until she dies. The Levite dismembers her corpse and presents the remains to the other tribes of Israel.

Outraged by the incident, they swear that none shall give his daughter to the Benjaminities for marriage, and launch a war which nearly wipes out the clan, leaving only surviving men. However, the punitive expedition is overcome by remorse, fearing that it will cause the extinction of an entire tribe. They circumvent the oath by pillaging and massacring the city of Jabesh-Gilead , none of whose residents partook in the war or in the vow, and capturing its maidens for the Benjaminites.

The men still lacking women are subtly allowed to abduct the maidens dancing at Shiloh. A Levite from the mountains of Ephraim had a concubine, who left him and returned to the house of her father in Bethlehem in Judah. Szpek observes that this story serves to support the institution of monarchy, and the choice of the locations of Ephraim the ancestral home of Samuel , who anointed the first king and Bethlehem, the home of King David , are not accidental.

According to the King James Version and the New International Version , the concubine was unfaithful to the Levite; according to a note in the Septuagint [3] and in the New Living Translation she was “angry” with him. On the fifth day, the Levite declined to postpone their journey any longer, and they set out late in the day. As they approached Jebus Jerusalem , the servant suggested they stop for the night, but the Levite refused to stay in a Jebusite city, and they continued on to Gibeah.

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I hope this message finds you well and in good health. As I sat down and looked at the calendar for August, and began working on the shul davening schedule for the month, there was only one, glaring, significant Jewish date that stared back at me from the pages of the calendar: Tisha B’Av, the fast of the ninth of Av. Indeed, this day stands alone in the annals of our nation’s history as a date that is unique for the tragic events that occurred on it, in particular the destruction of both the first and second Beit Hamikdash.

It is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, and its attendant fast is second in importance only to Yom Kippur.

But that is not how it works in contemporary dating. Neuberger () also presents the role of the pilegesh as one of three alternatives to the.

One of the women decided to get a secular marriage in order to be able to live off campus. Rabbi E. Kanarfogel Beth Aaron Teaneck briefly discussed this aspect of the case, noting that secular marriage is NOT a nullity according to most opinions and may necessiate a get. On page fifty three he brings several examples of the words:”Kone,Kanani,Kinyonecho. All refering to creation.

Rava’ad hil. Ishut disagrees with Rambam and permits a pilegesh to a commoner; the forbidden k’deishah according to the Ra’avad is one who is available to anyone for sexual relations, unlike a pilegesh who has a relationship with only one man. A k’deisha was a “sacred prostitute,” an institution common to ancient Israel and the surrounding lands. The term k’deisha falls into two main categories: firstly, there was the woman who had sex with anybody, under temple auspices, with the money going to the temple.

The second type of k’deisha was a woman who had sex with the king, high priest or a chosen commoner to “ensure” healthy crops and general properity. It is fairly clear to me that there may be differences with how a term is used within the halachic framework than with the meaning of a term based on contemporary sociological and historical context. Thus I view Yeshaya’s comment mainly of interest from view of understanding the pesukim from a historical perspective.

From a halachic perspective, what will define the terms is how the are used by the classical poskim, which is what Moshe’s post referes to. Avi Feldblum, Mod.

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With this, I am convinced that you are sent to this word to rescue people from heartbreaks and also to help us get the solution to every relationship problem. Profile Rabbi Dovid E. Eidensohn torahhalacha. The problem is that Torah marriages fail and sometimes the husband will not give a GET. The wife then goes to people who force the husband to give a GET that is invalid, or else, the latest is that rabbis, some of them prominent people, declare that the marriage is over without a GET.

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